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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A little Halloween spirit

Here are a couple of cute and easy ways to dress up your nest for Halloween - one of the easiest and most fun holidays to decorate. I shamelessly admit I first saw both of these ideas on Pinterest.

I have probably ten or more old Christmas houses that I don't use anymore. No room. Lost interest. I haven't gotten rid of them, though, because, well, I don't really know... but I am so glad I didn't because I love, love, love their new function! Check this out! You just take out the old electrical cord and light bulb and spray paint them glossy black (use glossy!). Instant haunted houses for the mantle!

Really, how ingenious is that!?! I only wish I had thought of it first.

For this project, I piggybacked off my wreath letters. I am telling you, these letters are so good for so many different projects. For this one, I just picked three different Halloween-themed scrapbook papers and covered the letters. Then I used thin ribbon to connect all three letters and then hung them with a wider ribbon. So cute.
I think maybe the best part is knowing I did it myself. There's something totally therapeutic about working with your hands. I think that's what's missing from a lot of professional work - it's all upstairs and not a whole lot of tangible output is there as evidence, so when you do have something to touch, hold, feel, or look at when you are finished working -- I think it satisfies something very deep and very human in us all.

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