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~ Jack Johnson

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Best Week of the Year

There are lots of weeks that ring my bell throughout the year. You've got the first week of chilly fall weather (that I am LOVING right now), the first week of balmy spring, the week leading up to Christmas, ANY week I am off work and the list goes on... but no week ever even comes close to the joy that our summer week at Jekyll brings. Settling into our borrowed house-for-the-week complete with the usual sixties and seventies decor, riding bikes 'til your butt can't take it anymore, beach basking and combing, exploring the Millionaire's Village, visiting the tiny little shops populated by adorable handmade local keepsakes, watching the deer and the dolphins, playing around on the boat and eating lots of freshly caught seafood. It just doesn't get any better - oh, wait. It does - the BEST part? There are NO PEOPLE! I have an unashamedly admitted aversion to places that have lots of my fellow man. Ugh. Jekyll has just enough to remind me that mine is not, in fact, the only family on earth - but not enough to conjure my ugly inner misanthrope. Hehehe. You think I jest, but I do not. I do not like people! Because I get to be so utterly alone with my own people during my time on Jekyll Island, I am a much nicer person, myself. Here are some pictures of our wonderful week this summer. Sigh. Smile. Memories.
See what I mean? Totally unpeopled!

Is this just the most beautiful thing? It was just as peaceful in reality.

Caroline, Em, and their beach bum muse, Grandmama.

Caught this beautiful rainbow one afternoon!

Caroline and her ghost crab friend.

Kiss the crab, Caroline.

Poor guy.

Our last night at the beach - only night eating out. New restaurant housed inside the old Blackbeard's - Fins on the Beach. It was pretty good!
Caroline's photo shoot on Driftwood Beach.
Pretty little mermaids.
Daddy and Emily
Caroline has the eye.
Another of Caroline's artsy shots taken at the Horton House ruins.
And this is one of my absolute favorite spots on the entire island. I'm not sure what it is about this spot...

Channeling Jimmy Buffett.
“The sea! the sea! the open sea!, The blue, the fresh, the ever free!” ~ Bryan W. Procter

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